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2 subscription options with the same impeccable support.

Clubs.Studio operates with an annual subscription to our online platform and gives you the opportunity to build your full website.

How does it work?

You will be supported throughout the integration process which may take a few hours or a few days, depending on your availability. You don't need any special knowledge, we take care of everything.


Quickly create your account

Create your sports club account in just a few clicks. Your name, contact details and a password.


Import your existing members

Just send us an Excel file containing the list of your athletes. We take care of its integration.


Customize your

Add your sponsors, articles, documents, regulations and forms, etc.


Send an invitation to your members

An email with a temporary password will invite your members to use for the first time.

Full plateform access
Annual subscription
Online payment
Volunteering and assignments
Upcoming Calendars and Events
Covid19 attendance and monitoring
Newsletters and notifications
Online store
Online bazaar
Documents and forms
All available updates
Technical support
Website creation
Annual subscription
Customization *
Domain **
5 mailboxes
Online store ***
Online bazaar
Technical support
* Based on an existing dynamic model
** Excluding premium domains
*** Available in September 2022

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Terms and conditions
The Club must maintain an open bank account to which funds from transactions will be transferred. Credit cards accepted are Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, JCB. SquareTM's fee is 2.81% + 30 ¢. These rates may change without notice. Credit card charges are included in Square's fees, so there are no additional charges from the credit card companies.
Rate based on an annual commitment. Full payment of the subscription upon joining. Applicable taxes extra. Amounts billed in Canadian dollars.
Special introductory price valid only with the first purchase.
Price of the renewal of the product subject to modification.
Price based on seasonal operation of one type of sport.
Consult this page for all terms and conditions.